Synthetic flame-fusion colour-change sapphire seen under laser excitation

Synthetic flame-fusion colour-change sapphire seen under laser excitation

Flame-fusion synthetic colour-change sapphire seen under 405 nm laser excitation, with the GGTL DFI System.

  • Picture by Coralie Nacht, GGTL Laboratories Switzerland, LinkedIn
Developed in house, the DFI is an extraordinary instrument dedicated firstly to the identification of synthetic diamond in parcels of colourless (D-Z) diamonds. But with the necessary expertise, the DFI can be used for a large range of other analysis for coloured diamonds and coloured stones.
The operating principles are the direct simultaneous observation of the luminescence under various UV and laser excitations (several excitation bands from the deep UV all the way to 405 nm), at room or at low temperature (77k) luminescence spectra and finally the Raman spectra.
The DFI can be supplied with a single or a double channel spectrometer calibrated for absolute irradiance, which both have very high throughput and cooled CCD detectors and hence permit very rapid analysis. The single channel system has a spectral resolution of 1.3 nm while the double channel system has a resolution of about 0.3 to 0.7 nm.


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