Gem services

Single gem

From the most common to the most curious, our expert gemmologists will analyse any gemstone and biogenic material. Not only will we identify the material but also the treatment and geographical origin, whenever possible.

Small calibrated / melee gems

The certification of coloured melee size gems from 0.4 to 3.7 mm will mention authenticity as well as treatment and origin, whenever possible.

Diamond services


We issue grading and testing reports for D-Z colourless diamonds of any type (IIa, Ia, IIb, etc.) as well as for fancy coloured diamonds and even the complicated green diamond. Our reports mention authenticity, clarity treatment, and colour origin (whenever relevant and possible). 

Diamond parcels “melee”

Our melee diamond services can contain the 4cs. They include authenticity and treatment for colourless diamonds and colour origin reports for coloured diamonds. These services are available for melee of any size and shape.