Couverture du magazine Gemmologie et Francophonie

Discover the issue 3 of GEMMES: Celebrating spring and francophonie!

On this radiant first day of spring, the GGTL Laboratories are delighted to announce the release of issue 3 of the GEMMES magazine. But that's not all, as this day is doubly special: it also coincides with the celebration of International Francophonie Day. What a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our language!

In this new issue, you will discover an selection of articles written by renowned experts in the field of gemology. From Stéphane Renard, Ph.D., of the Laboratoire Français de Gemmologie via Aurélien Delaunay, Ingrid Lerouyer, and Emmanuel Fritsch, you will be immersed in the latest discoveries and advances in the fascinating world of gemstones. But that's not all, Gemmologie and Francophonie also welcome the contributions of Thomas Cagniard, Jean-Pierre Gauthier, and Jacques Fereire. 

GGTL Laboratories Switzerland also enriches this issue with the captivating writings of Clara A., Féodor Blumentritt, Franck Notari, and Candice Caplan. Each article promises a thorough and captivating exploration into the world of gemology, offering a unique insight into the most precious and fascinating gemstones on our planet.

So, take a moment to immerse yourself in the beauty of gemstones and the richness of the French language, and dive into the pages of this new issue of GEMMES. Whether to enrich your professional knowledge or simply for the pleasure of discovery, we are confident that you will find this issue as captivating as it is stimulating.

We wish you an excellent International Francophonie Day!

issue 3 of GEMMES

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