The city of Nantes

40th Anniversary of the first DUG Diploma of Nantes

On Friday, April 26th 2024, GGTL Laboratories Switzerland participated in the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the first DUG Diploma issued by the Gemmology tuition program of the Nantes university (France) in 1984.

Throughout this day of gathering and friendship, attendees (like Clara Allirol Mouton, gemmologist at GGTL Laboratories Switzerland in Geneva and who enthusiastically travelled across borders and miles to attend the event in person despite unexpected strikes that affected travelling in fashion) had the great pleasure to follow lectures on various related topics. 

One of the highlights of the day was the conference given by Candice Caplan and Dr. Féodor Blumentritt from GGTL Laboratories Switzerland, about the blue enamel-coating of quartz beads dating from the 13th Century, which imitate sapphire.

GGTL Laboratories proudly supported the event, amongst other sponsors.
Long live the DUG in Nantes !!

Anniversary of Dug diploma