Our Philosophy





Gemmology is not a science per se; it calls for a wide knowledge of exact sciences. A gemmological laboratory cannot claim to be scientific without applying rules prevalent in a scientific approach. Conclusions formulated by GGTL Laboratories are reached at on the grounds of recognized knowledge, referring to articles published and validated by the scientific community. Scientific approach also implies continual research. All unusual characteristics found in a gem submitted to GGTL Laboratories, immediately trigger a research process to find an appropriate explanation for the uncommon elements observed. No document is delivered by the laboratory before all analytical data gathered during the gem analysis are clearly identified and correspond to the knowledge we have of the gem in question.



All GGTL Laboratories costs are covered exclusively through revenue gained from fees for services. For obvious reasons of avoidance of conflict of interests, we do not accept donations nor do we ask for financial backing from our customers. Likewise, and for the strict application of deontology, we do not take part in any transaction concerning the gems we certify.



Probity is an fundamental necessity, it should not only be applied in the realm of honesty at large, which is self-evident, but it must be a global line of conduct for all our actions and thoughts and so, at each step of our profession. No other factor, other than pertinent scientific facts, can modify our interpretation of results, nor influence our reasoning leading to the determination of the nature of a gem.



Communication with our customers is an essential component of our philosophy. Indeed, first and foremost, a gemmological laboratory must be a partner for its customers. As an example, we consider it normal to share explanations on the elements that lead us to determine a gem when a customer asks for it, which is quite frequent. Knowledge must be shared, otherwise, it is useless.