About us


The Merging of Two Independent High Tech Laboratories

GGTL Laboratories is not a newcomer to the world of gemology but the ultimate independent gemological institution through the merging of two laboratories: GemTechLab, founded in 1996 by Franck Notari in Geneva, Switzerland and GEMLAB (Liechtenstein), founded in 1996 by Thomas Hainschwang in Balzers, Liechtenstein.


A Higher Level of Analytical Capabilities

The combination of the vast experience of two existing gemological laboratories plus a unique and considerable pool of equipment boosts the capabilities of the GGTL Laboratories to an incomparable level.
Nothing will change for our respective clients in terms of customer relations, available reports, etc., except for the significant increase of the laboratory's analytical power.


GGTL Laboratories – The Absolute Independence

GGTL Laboratories remains an independent institution, just like the two laboratories were before their merger. Funding comes solely from research carried out and certificates issuance. This ensures that no external factors can influence GGTL Laboratories decisions.


The Men Behind GGTL Laboratories

Thomas Hainschwang and Franck Notari are both experienced and well respected multi-disciplinary gemologists.
Mr. Hainschwang's specializations are diamonds and colored diamonds, topics on which he published numerous scientific articles. He is currently carrying on advanced research on colored diamonds with major scientific organizations.
Mr. Notari's specializations are colored gemstones, especially sapphire, ruby and emerald. He has a long experience in the identification of treatments and countries of origin. He is lecturer for the University Diploma on Gemology (D.U.G., Faculty of Nantes).